Napa's Riverfront 2014

• 7.5 feet by 11 feet
• 18 hours to complete

As the featured artist again for the 2014 Napa's Riverfront Chalk Festival, I was commissioned to create an original artwork. Like the Napa River, the story of Napa is always in motion, always being created, up and down our valley. Every day it is different: evolving, adapting, and flowing towards the future.

The story of Napa is complex and fascinating. It is often overlooked that Napa Valley was continuously inhabited for over 10,000 years by a rich and successful culture called the Wappo who flourished here in the valley’s garden paradise of plenty. Missionaries and settlers moved in and forcibly displaced the Wappo less than 200 years ago.

Since that time, our fertile valley has become home to many more people making a living, pursuing their dreams, raising their families, and living the good life.