I love to create street paintings!

A self-employed artist for over 20 years, I have been a street painter for over half that time. I always knew I was meant to be an artist, a feeling I think most artists are familiar with.

I love commercial art because I love to solve problems, and solving problems with art is the most fun I can imagine having. When something looks beautiful and people connect with it, and it moves them to take an action they would not have otherwise taken, that's when I see the power of art.

While commercial art satisfies my professional spirit, street painting satisfies my heart. I love the scale of street painting, and am more comfortable painting a 12-foot square on the ground than I am painting a 12-inch painting to hang on the wall! People ask if I am sad when my paintings are washed away. I answer that the fleeting nature of street painting is probably what I love best about it. There it is, being created before our very eyes, and we must appreciate it with all our hearts right now, because the chance won't come again!... like life itself.

Email me or call at (707) 337-9889 to learn more about my street painting or my commercial art.