Earth Element: Water

Youth in Arts Italian Street Painting Festival
San Rafael, California

• 12 feet by 12 feet pie slice
• 26 hours to complete

The Youth in Arts Italian Street Painting Festival in San Rafael, California, is the largest street painting festival in the United States. I was honored in 2010 to be chosen as a featured artist at this amazing festival!

Three other featured artists and I created one giant 24-foot diameter circular street painting with the theme Bella Terra, or Beautiful Earth. Each artist worked on one quarter of the circle, and one element of the earth: David "Two-Hawk" Glazier was Air, Sharyn Namnath was earth, Mark Cummings was Fire, and I was Water.

This original composition appeared to me one night in a dream; I awoke in the morning and simply copied it down. It's a fantasy realm of the dynamic state of water.

I hope to have more pictures soon, including the complete 24-foot circle, which could only be photographed from very high up!